Miss Keeler
8th Grade Language Arts
North Arlington Middle School

Summer Reading for 8th Grade (Current 7th Gr.)

Can you believe that June is already here? That means that all of you 7th graders are actually considered 8th graders now. Congratulations!

Of course, that also means that you are expected to complete the inevitable summer reading assignment before officially entering the 8th grade. Great news, right?! Hehe

To make things a little bit less stressful, I have provided the entire summer reading assignment right here on my website. I can't imagine how any of you would lose such a valuable item. I mean, most of you are probably guarding it with your life, cherishing every page. Right?

BUT, here it is for you to download just in case anybody robs you of all your most prized possessions (this will be the first thing taken. It's like gold. Trust me). 


Click here to download the Summer 2014

Reading List & Summer Reading Assignment


Is it OK to read more than the 2 required books on this list? 


Summer Reading for 9th Grade at NAHS (Current 8th gr.)

Don't worry, I didn't forget about you guys.....yet. Hehe

 Summer 2014 Reading List (download here)

 North Arlington High School 
For Regular, Inclusion, & Resource Classes


All students entering Freshman English I must read the following two (2) books:

The Killer Angels: The Classic Novel of the Civil War by Micael Shaara

Master Harold and the Boys: A Drama by Athol Fugard


 All students entering Freshman English I Honors must read the following two (2) books:

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Lord of the Flies by William Golding


All students are required to also read the following book for Freshman Social Studies (Global Studies):

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Therefore, all students entering the 9th grade at NAHS must read at least 3 books!


All books may be ordered at a book sale to be held at the high school library.  Also, books may be borrowed at the local public library, purchased online in the used bookstore for a significant discount (like www.amazon.com or www.half.com), or bought at any bookstore of your choice.

Summer Math and Science for NAHS

All students must complete summer assignments for

Math AND Science!


Visit the NAHS Math and Science Dept. website for the full assignments and directions: