Miss Keeler
8th Grade Language Arts
North Arlington Middle School

Downloadable Articles for Middle School Parents

Your Assignment: The Assignment Notebook

Nearly all middle grades programs these days require students to use assignment notebooks or planners specifically designed for use in the middle grades. Often, the school logo is emblazoned on the notebooks, and some have special pages devoted to matters of interest to 10- to 15-year-olds. But don’t be fooled: these are great tools for parents and guardians as well!

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"I Forgot..."

“I forgot” is one of the phrases constantly uttered by a young adolescent—and it’s generally the truth! One reason young adolescents forget things is that they have a lot on their minds–friends, schoolwork, their looks, rainforests being destroyed, how to get even with someone. Their minds are filled with constant chatter; it’s just part of the age, so it isn’t wrong of you to help them remember things when possible.

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Don’t You Trust Me? 

Young adolescents believe that they are quite capable of being on their own; unfortunately, many parents and guardians go along with this idea. More independence, more responsibilities, more privacy—yes, but complete freedom? Absolutely not.

Research suggests that 10- to 15-year-olds have trouble planning ahead and making reasonable decisions because certain areas of their brains are not yet fully developed. Additionally, we know that peer pressure is strongest at this age. To allow a young adolescent—even the most charming and seemingly dependable boy or girl—to be alone unsupervised for more than a few hours is definitely asking for trouble.

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Downloadable Tools for Middle School Parents

Learning Style Quiz

This inventory is a short, quick way to help you understand your and your children’s learning styles. Have your child respond to each item as honestly as possible, total the score, and read the advice for your child's individual learning style!